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Recently I’ve uploaded to my second YouTube channel complete soundtrack from Fury of the Furries. I captured music from the Amiga version of the game and screenshots – from PC version. In order to do that I needed quick access to all levels.

There aren’t any cheats but FotF stores progress so I’ve decided to go with save hacking (also called “save breaking”). Quick glance into modification dates (of the game files) revealed that there’s only file that has been changed – \dat\gamedat.bin. Same on both platforms.

Fury file modification date

Now I just needed to tweak  a number inside the file to start from a different stage.



That was easy because I found the values on this page. I’ll just copy the list here:

00 Desert 1
05 Desert 6
0A Lagoon 1
0F Lagoon 6
14 Forest 1
19 Forest 6
1E Pyramid 1
23 Pyramid 6
28 Mountain 1
2D Mountain 6
32 Factory 1
37 Factory 6
3C Village 1
41 Village 6
46 Castle 1
4B Castle 2
50 Machine

Game A is on the 4th byte, B – 6th, C – 8th, D – 10th.


Editing Fury of the Furries savefile on classic Amiga

Hex editing on classic Amiga



By using information on this page and a bit of trial and error I was able to write down a list:

E9 Desert 1
A8 Desert 6
6B Lagoon 1
2A Lagoon 6
EC Forest 1
AF Forest 6
E1 Pyramid 1
E0 Pyramid 6
E3 Mountain 1
A2 Mountain 6
65 Factory 1
24 Factory 6
26 Village 1
B9 Village 6
38 Castle 1
FA Castle 2
FD Machine

Game A is on the 3rd byte, B – 5th, C – 7th, D – 9th. Values marked red seem to be not exactly correct – game displays wrong information but still load the proper level.


Hex editing on PC

Hex editing on PC

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