Get the players to be in the same server, at the same time with the same addons.

For players

For organizers:

First you log in with your Google account.

Main Menu

Add a new server. Fill the fields with information about it

Add New Server

Now go to the "Schedule" section

Main Menu

Set the game start time


Optionally: if your server uses mods then add them to the list

Assign Mods

You can also submit your own mod

Add New Mod

For players:

You need Fwatch 1.16 and OFP Aspect Ratio pack 2.06. Download

Start the game with Fwatch. You'll see "Mods" button in the lower left corner. Click on it and then on the "Schedule" button. Select server from the list

Server Display

Double-click on the server name to show available options. If you lack required mods then double-click on the "Download"

Server Display

Wait for the installer to finish. Playing the game or even quitting it won't affect the installation.


Once it's done go to the server options again and double-click on the "Connect"


Have fun playing!