How to Write Installation Instructions

These scripts will determine how your mod is going to be installed

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Link Syntax

Links must start with the protocol. Spaces should be replaced with %20.

If a direct link to the file is available then simply use that URL.

If there's no direct link then add extra arguments:

<starting url>  <optionally intermediate links>  <file name>

If a website requires you to go through intermediate pages then you must link to each of them. You don't actually have to type in full url but only the unique part of it. Last argument is always file name. If it contains spaces then put it in quotation marks. Examples:  file=ww4mod25rel.rar  ww4mod25rel.rar  /downloads/mirror/  ww4mod25rel.rar  ://download  wgl512_2006-11-12.rar  fdf-mod/download  expires=  fdfmod14_ww2.rar  confirm=  ww4mod25rel.rar

Downloading a file from Google Drive smaller than 100MB doesn't require confirmation but you still have to input file name:  ww4mod25patch1.rar

Copy file id from the shareable link and paste it into the url from the example above.

You can also set backup links. Add /mirror switch and the installer will skip to the next link if the current one failed.  /mirror  /downloads/mirror/  ww4mod25rel.rar  /mirror  file=ww4mod25rel.rar  ww4mod25rel.rar

Last link must not have the switch.

Auto Installation

Simply paste the link to the file and the installator will figure out what to do on its own. If you have more than one file then paste link to each in a new line.

Add /password: switch if an archive is locked  /password:123

How does it work?

Installer checks the extension of the downloaded file:

  • If it's .rar, .zip, .7z, .ace or .exe then it will extract archive contents to a temporary directory
  • If an .exe couldn't be unpacked then it will ask the user to run it
  • If it's .pbo then program will move it to the addons directory in the modfolder.
  • If it's .pbo but with more than one dot in its name (aka mission file) then it will be moved to the Missions directory in the modfolder.
  • Other types of files are ignored

Then the program repeats this process for each file extracted from the archive.

If it encounters a directory then it will read its name:

  • If it matches modfolder name then it will be moved to the game directory. Other modfolders will be ignored (unless its name is in downloaded filename)
  • If it matches addons, bin, campaigns, dta, worlds, Missions, MPMissions then it will be moved to the modfolder
  • If it has a dot in its name (aka it's an unpacked mission) then it will be moved to the Missions directory in the modfolder

In any other case it will go through the contents of a directory and follow the same behaviour for each file and sub-directory there.

Existing files will be overwritten. Destination directories that don't exist will be created.

Installer will handle only the first encountered executable and ignore all others.

To make use of the missions located in the modfolders start Fwatch with -sortmissions parameter.

Manual Installation

There's a bunch of commands to make installer do exactly what you want:

Some commands have aliases. For example remove and delete are the same.

I recommend to capitalize command names for readability.

Invalid command names will be ignored.

Leading and trailing spaces will be ignored.

Write each command in a separate line.

Commands usually require arguments. Separate them by spaces. If argument contains space then put it in quotation marks.

You can combine both manual and auto installation.

Unpack, Extract

UNPACK  <url or file>  /password:<text>

Extracts archive from the fwatch\tmp\ directory to the _extracted subfolder (its previous contents are wiped).



How to handle nested archives:

UNPACK  _extracted\second.rar
UNPACK  _extracted\_extracted\third.rar

Add /password: switch if an archive is locked

UNPACK  first.rar  /password:123

Use this command without any arguments to extract last downloaded file.

Move, Copy

MOVE  <file or or url|>  <destination>  <new name>  /no_overwrite  /match_dir

Program will move or copy selected file or folder from the fwatch\tmp\_extracted directory to the modfolder.

Overwrites files.

Sub-directories in the destination path that don't exist will be created.


MOVE  "FDFmod Readme.html"

This will move
<game folder>\fwatch\tmp\_extracted\FDFmod Readme.html
to the
<game folder>\<modfolder>\

MOVE  example.pbo  addons

This will move
<game folder>\fwatch\tmp\_extracted\example.pbo
to the
<game folder>\<modfolder>\addons\

Exception: if the directory you want to move has the same name as the modfolder you’re installing then the destination path is changed to the game folder.

MOVE  finmod

This will move
<game folder>\fwatch\tmp\_extracted\finmod
to the
<game folder>\

You can cancel this behaviour by specifying destination argument.

Wildcards can be used to match multiple files.

MOVE  *.pbo  addons

To match both files and folders add /match_dir switch.

MOVE  *  /match_dir

To rename a file write new name as the third argument.

MOVE  readme.txt  docs  readme_old.txt

Use dot if you don’t want to change location.

MOVE  readme.txt  .  readme_old.txt

Add /no_overwrite switch to disable overwriting files.

MOVE  *.pbo  addons  /no_overwrite

If a link was passed then the file will be downloaded. Add vertical bar to separate download arguments from move arguments

MOVE  |  addons

To access files in the modfolder start the first argument with <mod>.

MOVE  <mod>\addons\example.pbo  obsolete

To access last downloaded file use <download> or <dl> as the first argument.

MOVE  <dl>  addons

Command Copy can take files from any location if the path starts with <game>.

COPY  <game>\bin\Resource.cpp  bin

Get, Download

GET  <url>

Downloads file to the fwatch\tmp\ directory.



Ask_get, Ask_download

ASK_GET  <file name>  <url>

Requests the user to manually download given file. Installation is paused until user decides to continue or abort.


ASK_GET  ww4mod25rel.rar

Ask_run, Ask_execute

ASK_RUN  <url or file>

Use this command for executables that cannot be extracted.

Requests the user to manually launch selected file from the fwatch\tmp\ directory

Installation is paused until user decides to continue or abort.


ASK_RUN  _extracted\example.exe

If the file is in the modfolder then start the path with <mod>.
ASK_RUN  <mod>\Install_win2k_XP.bat

Use this command without any arguments to run last downloaded file.

Makedir, Newfolder

MAKEDIR  <path>

Creates a folder and its parents.


MAKEDIR  addons
MAKEDIR  dta\hwtl

This will create:

<game folder>\<modfolder>
<game folder>\<modfolder>\addons
<game folder>\<modfolder>\dta
<game folder>\<modfolder>\dta\hwtl

Delete, Remove

DELETE  <file>  /match_dir

Program will delete selected file or directory from the modfolder.


DELETE  Install_win98_ME.bat

Wildcards can be used to match multiple files.

DELETE  addons\*.txt

To match both files and folders add /match_dir switch.

DELETE  temp\*  /match_dir

Use this command without any arguments to remove last downloaded file.


RENAME  <file>  <new name>  /match_dir

Program will rename selected file or directory from the modfolder.


RENAME  addons\lo_res_tex.pbo  lo_res_tex.pbx

Wildcards can be used to match multiple files.

RENAME  addons\*.pbo  *.pbx
RENAME  addons\*.pbo  ??????????????????_OLD*

To match both files and folders add /match_dir switch.

RENAME  *  old_*  /match_dir

UnpackPBO, ExtractPBO

UNPACKPBO  <file>  <destination>

Program will unpack selected PBO file from the modfolder directory.

Overwrites existing files.


UNPACKPBO  addons\ww4_fx.pbo

Optionally you can specify where to extract files. Sub‐directories in the destination path that don’t exist will be created.

UNPACKPBO  addons\ww4_fx.pbo  temp

To access files from any location start the path with <game>. If destination wasn’t specified then the addon will be unpacked to the modfolder.

UNPACKPBO  <game>\addons\kozl.pbo  addons


MAKEPBO  <folder>  /no_delete

Program will create a PBO file (no compression) out of the selected folder from the modfolder and then remove the source.


MAKEPBO  addons\ww4_fx

Add switch /no_delete to keep the original directory.

MAKEPBO  addons\ww4_fx  /no_delete

Use this command without file name to pack last addon unpacked with unpackpbo.

If_version, else, endif

IF_VERSION  <operator>  <number>

Compares game version and given number.

If it’s correct then following instructions are executed until end of the script or until program encounters endif command. Content between else and endif will be ignored.

If condition wasn’t correct then program will skip commands until end of script or until it encounters else or endif.

Allowed comparison operators are: =, ==, <, <=, >, >=, <>, !=. If there’s no operator then equality is assumed.

Conditions can be nested.


IF_VERSION  <=  1.96
	UNPACK  ://download  "WW4 Extended OFP patch"
	MOVE	v196_patch\ww4ext_inf_cfg.pbo.OFP  addons  ww4ext_inf_cfg.pbo
	COPY	<game>\bin\Config.cpp  bin
	COPY	<game>\Res\bin\Config.cpp  bin


EDIT  <file name>  <line number>  <text>  /insert

Replaces text line in the selected file from the modfolder directory.


EDIT addons\FDF_Suursaari\config.cpp - 58 - cutscenes[]      = {"..\finmod\addons\suursaari_anim\intro"};

To access downloaded file use <download> or <dl>.

Add switch /insert to add a new line instead of replacing.

Manual Installation - examples

This is a script for installing WW4 mod v2.5

UNPACK  /mirror
UNPACK  /downloads/mirror/  ww4mod25rel.rar  /mirror
UNPACK  file=ww4mod25rel.rar  ww4mod25rel.rar
MOVE    *  /match_dir

UNPACK  /mirror
UNPACK  file=ww4mod25patch1.rar  ww4mod25patch1.rar
MOVE    *.txt
MOVE    *.pbo  addons  /match_dir
MOVE    *  Bonus  /match_dir

MOVE    Files\WW4mod25\Resource.cpp  bin

MOVE    Files\WW4mod25\Anims.pbo  dta

UNPACKPBO  dta\scripts.pbo
MOVE       ww4_fwatch_binoc.sqs  dta\scripts
MOVE       replacement\Config.cpp  bin

This is a script for installing FDF mod 1.4

UNPACK /mirror
UNPACK /mirror
UNPACK  finnish-defence-forces/download  expires=  fdfmod13_installer.exe  /mirror
UNPACK  file=fdfmod13_installer.exe  fdfmod13_installer.exe
MOVE    *  /match_dir

UNPACK  /mirror
UNPACK  /mirror
UNPACK  fdf-mod/download  expires=  fdfmod14_ww2.rar  /mirror
UNPACK  file=fdfmod14_ww2.rar  fdfmod14_ww2.rar
MOVE    *  /match_dir

UNPACK  /mirror
UNPACK  file=FDF_desert_pack.rar  FDF_desert_pack.rar
MOVE    *  /match_dir

MOVE    "<mod>\Missions\FDF MOD\*"  Missions
MOVE    "<mod>\Missions\FDF WW2\*"  Missions
DELETE  "Missions\FDF MOD"
DELETE  "Missions\FDF WW2"

UNPACK  /mirror
MOVE    FDF_Suursaari.pbo  addons
MOVE    Suursaari_anim  addons
MOVE    *

UNPACKPBO  addons\FDF_Suursaari.pbo
EDIT       addons\FDF_Suursaari\config.cpp  58  "cutscenes[]      = {"..\finmod\addons\suursaari_anim\intro"};"

MOVE    Files\FDF\Resource.cpp  bin

MOVE    Files\FDF\Anims.pbo  dta

MOVE    mpmissions

This is a script for installing WGL 5.12 mod  /mirror  /downloads/mirror/  WGL5.1_Setup.exe  /mirror  file=WGL5.1_Setup.exe  WGL5.1_Setup.exe  /mirror  /downloads/mirror/  wgl512_2006-11-12.rar  /mirror  ://download  wgl512_2006-11-12.rar

IF_VERSION  <=  1.96
	UNPACKPBO  <game>\Res\Dta\HWTL\data.pbo  dta\HWTL
	COPY       <mod>\newdata\*.pa?           dta\HWTL\Data
	UNPACKPBO  <game>\Res\Dta\HWTL\data3d.pbo  dta\HTWL
	COPY       <mod>\newdata\*.p3d             dta\HWTL\data3d
	UNPACKPBO  <game>\DTA\Data.pbo  dta
	COPY       <mod>\newdata\*.pa?  dta\Data
	UNPACKPBO  <game>\DTA\Data3D.pbo  dta
	COPY       <mod>\newdata\*.p3d    dta\Data3D

MOVE    Files\WGL\Resource.cpp  bin

MOVE    Files\WGL\Anims.pbo  dta

MOVE    *  mpmissions

Testing scripts
  • Write your installation script in the fwatch\data\addonInstaller_test.txt
  • Run addonInstaller.exe with parameters -testmod=<mod name> and optionally -testdir=<folder name>

Example: -testmod=@ww4mod25 -testdir=@test. Folder @test will be treated as @ww4mod25.

Review fwatch\data\addonInstallerLog.txt to see how the installation process went.

Add parameter -gameversion=<number> for testing conditions.

In testing mode downloaded files won't be removed so you won't have to redownload them every time you run installator.

Version history
0.1 (03.03.17)
First release.

0.2 (11.03.19)
  • added commands: Ask_Download, Delete, Rename, If_version, else, endif, Makepbo, UnpackPBO, Edit
  • renamed command Execute to Ask_Execute
  • renamed command Mdir to Makedir

  • Move – now overwrites by default, added /no_overwrite switch
  • Move – can access modfolder files with >mod> macro
  • Move – can now rename files
  • Move – wildcards will not match folders unless /match_dir switch was added
  • Move – renamed macro DOWNLOADED_FILENAME to <download> and <dl>
  • Move – now source argument can be url

  • Copy – can access game root directory with <game> macro

  • Makedir – could be used to create custom folders in the game root directory – fixed
  • Makedir – now creates modfolder if it’s missing

  • Unpack, Ask_Execute – will work on downloaded file if no argument given
  • Unpack, Ask_Execute – now source argument can be url
  • Unpack – archive within archive was unpacked to the wrong folder – fixed
  • Unpack – added /password: switch

  • Auto Installation – added /password: switch

  • Get – now considered obsolete

  • added -testmod parameter

0.3 (02.04.19)
  • Download links can now be followed with /mirror switch
  • Download links can now be followed with extra arguments for multi-step downloading

  • Move – wildcard with /match_dir will move modfolder to the game dir but not recursively
  • Move – added vertical bar to separate download arguments from move arguments

  • Ask_Get – doesn't make a request if file already exists
  • Ask_Get – asks user to select download directory and saves its location
  • Ask_Get – automatically moves file to the fwatch\tmp\

  • Ask_Run – executes the file instead of opening folder with it
  • Ask_Run - restores "Aspect_Ratio.hpp" from before executing the file in order to keep user's settings

  • Get - now considered active again
  • Get - cannot pass custom wget arguments anymore

  • added -testdir parameter

0.31 (06.04.19)
  • Auto installation - doesn't ignore modfolders if their name is contained in downloaded filename