Operation Flashpoint Missions Forge
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Thumb Absolute Height   (25 KB)   Readme  
Functions handling absolute altitude.
Thumb Animation Viewer v1.2   (64 KB)   Readme   Video  
Browse animations in the game. Requires Fwatch 1.15.
Thumb Assassination v1.25   (339 KB)  
Infiltrate enemy area, eliminate target and extract.
Thumb BN_tracer_red v1.2   (64 KB)   Readme   Video  
Modified bn880's tracer addon.
Thumb Bomberman MP v1.41   (109 KB)  
Conversion of the original single player mission.
Thumb Check Stance v1.1   (21 KB)   Readme  
Detects if unit stands or lies. Requires an addon which you'll find in the archive.
Thumb Check Stance Player v1.1   (24 KB)   Readme  
Detects if player is standing, crouching or lying. Requires Fwatch 1.1 or newer.
Thumb Clean Sweep 2 MP v1.41   (66 KB)  
Conversion of the original single player mission.
Thumb Clean Sweep MP v1.41   (122 KB)  
Conversion of the original single player mission.
Thumb Columnor   (112 KB)   Readme   Video  
Small program for extracting values from fwatch save file arrays.
Thumb Convoy v1.01   (472 KB)  
One side of players must transport supplies while players from the opposite team attempt to stop them.
Thumb CWA Scripting   (130 KB)  
Document describing new features in 1.99 version of the game.
Thumb DKMM_ARTY_add v0.1   (506 KB)   Readme  
Real artillery. Requires original addon and Fwatch 1.14.
Thumb FindInArray   (26 KB)   Readme  
Function searching for item in the array.
Thumb Flashpoint Cutscene Maker v1.12   (197 KB)   Readme   Installer   Video  
Create cutscene scripts. Requires Fwatch 1.15.
Thumb Footprints v1.1   (84 KB)   Readme   Video  
Soldiers leave footprints.
Thumb Fwatch v1.15   (2.1 MB)   Installer   Documentation   Video  
Script extender.
Thumb In-Game Script Editor   (167 KB)   Readme   Installer   Video  
Editing mission scripts in the game. Requires Fwatch 1.15.
Thumb Itweaswolf_add v1.02   (252 KB)   Readme   Video  
Modified wolf compatible in multiplayer. Requires original addon.
Thumb Killing v1.3   (241 KB)  
Eliminate enemy squad in a dense forest.
Thumb Lift v1.1   (250 KB)   Readme  
Lift for OFP.
Thumb Lockmouse2 v1.15   (187 KB)   Readme  
Program that blocks cursor while playing in a window.
Thumb Lost Presents v1.34   (455 KB)  
Recover items from a hostile territory.
Thumb Magellan v1.1   (77 KB)   Readme  
Script that solves the problem with crossing map borders.
Thumb Modified Spectating Script v1.4   (58 KB)   Readme  
Modified version of Kegetys' Spectating Script.
Thumb Modular Weapon System v1.35   (447 KB)   Readme   Video  
Addon template for weapon accessories simulation.
Thumb MWS_BAS v1.24   (437 KB)   Readme   Video  
Modular Weapon System for BAS.
Thumb MWS_MAP v1.23   (724 KB)   Readme  
Modular Weapon System for Marine Assault Pack.
Thumb Neveklov Conquer v0.78   (105 KB)  
Capture and hold area before the other team does so.
Thumb Ninja_add v0.93   (40 KB)   Readme   Video  
Modified ninja compatible in multiplayer. Requires original addon.
Thumb Notepad++ OFP Styles v1.1   (77 KB)   Readme   Video  
Highlighting OFP scripting syntax.
Thumb OFP Aspect Ratio v2.05   (3.3 MB)   Readme   Installer   Video  
Solution for 21:9, 16:9, 15:9, 16:10, 5:4 screens.
Thumb OFP Preprocessor Explained   (121 KB)  
Document covering usage of the OFP Preprocessor.
Thumb onScreenTyping v2.2   (59 KB)   Readme  
Text input simulator. Requires Fwatch 1.15.
Thumb Operation Finnishpoint v0.8   (574 KB)   Readme  
Finnish localization for OFP. Translation by Osku. Installer by Faguss.
Thumb Quicksort v1.4   (89 KB)   Readme  
Quicksort implementation for Operation Flashpoint.
Thumb Rebel Assault v1.31   (242 KB)  
Aerial Deathmatch
Thumb Set-Pos-In-Game v1.47   (509 KB)   Readme   Installer   Video  
Real time object placing. Requires Fwatch 1.0 or newer.
Thumb Soccer v0.7   (99 KB)  
Experimental football match.
Thumb Speeder Race v1.36   (169 KB)  
Race with other players on a single lap, long track.
Thumb Speeder_add v1.2   (206 KB)   Readme   Video  
Modified Speeder Bike. Requires original addon.
Thumb Stringtable Explained   (94 KB)  
Document covering OFP stringtables syntax and usage.
Thumb SWships_add v1.2   (1.3 MB)   Readme  
Modified Star Wars ships. Requires TIE Pack Volume II, T-65 X-Wing and Y-Wing.
Thumb Take The Car MP v1.41   (156 KB)  
Conversion of the original single player mission.
Thumb Tatooine City Check v1.33   (92 KB)  
Deathmatch in a dense city.
Thumb WW4 Binoculars v1.1   (139 KB)   Readme   Video  
Switches to optics when using Binoculars. Requires WW4mod25 and Fwatch 1.13.